If you want to check if your permit is current, this link will allow you to check on a map.  Check Oyster Garden Permits 

under Habitat Permits and look for a green pin at your location. Or contact VicSpain@rocketmail.com.

Join Shelley Katsuki for a virtual tour of VIMS' Kauffman Aquaculture Center.
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Invitation to a VIMS online course on Ocean Acidification. Free registration due due by Feb. 15, 2021. Click below.

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VA Oyster Gardening Guide- The current guide is obsolete and being revised. No link.

An interesting story about Skipjacks, oysters and Smith Island narrated by Walter Cronkite (1965). Discovered by Brian Wood. Click here.
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Many of our activites are funded by the sale of Chesapeake Bay license plates.


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