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Agencies & Permits

Oyster Gardening Permit Application
Is My Permit Current?

This link will allow you to check on a map. Check Oyster Garden Permits under Habitat Permits and look for a green pin at your location.

Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)

Sign up for the new VIMS Oyster Gardener Listserve! 

This new email communications tool is to send infrequent, but relevant and interesting content on oyster-related research/news/information, educational offerings (including TOGA/VIMS Master Oyster Gardening Course) and best practices related to oyster gardening health, safety, etc.  This is to augment the fantastic resources TOGA provides on oyster gardening fundamentals.  Give it a try!  To subscribe – follow the steps below.  If you have problems – contact Karen

Step 1. go to the list homepage:

Step 2.  Click on the subscribe button in the left-hand menu

Step 3. Fill out your email and name and hit subscribe

Step 4.  Verify subscription

Step 5.  Go to your email in box and you should see a message from SYMPA asking you to again verify the subscription – hit subscribe

Chesapeake Bay Environmental

Forecast System

Virginia Shellfish Aquaculture Situation and Outlook Report

Virginia Department of Health (VDH)

How to look up Growing Area Classification and how to be notified of condemnation change. Click here.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Heading 5

Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC)

Additional Resources

Virginia Oyster Stock Assessment and Replenishment Archive (VOSARA)

From Wakefied, VA Weather Office
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