The Oyster

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Can you read the TOGA logo?  Cloudy river water was placed in both aquariums 3 hours before this photo was taken. The aquarium on the left has a few minnows and small crabs. The right aquarium has 3 adult oysters. There is a brochure with a TOGA logo behind each aquarium. Air temperature was in the mid 70s.

​Song to Oysters,

by Roy Blount, Jr.

I like to eat an uncooked oyster.
Nothing's slicker, nothing's moister.
Nothing's easier on your gorge
Or, when the time comes, to dischorge.

But not to let it too long rest
Within your mouth is always best.
I prefer my oyster fried.
Then I'm sure my oyster's died.

The oyster's a confusing suitor

It's masc., and fem., and even neuter.

But whether husband, pal or wife

It leads a painless sort of life.

I'd like to be an oyster, say,

In August, June, July or May

Ogden Nash (1931)