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Our most frequent question is "Where can I get Spat?"


Here are several known spat providers as of 7/21/2022

Spat Providers

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Baywatch Oyster Seeds LLC (Triploids Only)

271 Bay Watch Lane, Reedville, Virginia. 22539

Keith Rodgers,, 804-453-4367,

Capt. Tom’s Oyster Floats
Wicomico Church, VA
Darryl Krolicki,, 804-580-5021


Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company LLC

PO Box 96, Wake, VA 23176

2019 Winter-over spat available (as of April 2020)


Great Wicomico Oyster Co (Diploid and Triploid Spat)

191 Bow Wood Drive

Heathsville, VA  22473

Monica 757-619-9631 or Matt 301-526-7503

Note- As of 9-24-2019, Great Wicomico Oyster Co. is out of spat.


Lynton Land (Diploids Only)

125 Airstrip Lane, Ophelia, VA, 804-453-6605


Mike Lightfoot (Triploids Only)

1152 Wilton Rd, Hague, VA



Oystermama's Bay-bies (Diploids and Triploids)

Mathews, VA

Judy Ambrose and Justine Kendrick 

Call or text 804-725-8557


Ward Oyster Company

John Vigliotta

Aquaculture oysters

Seed oysters, large quantities (20,000 or greater) at wholesale prices

Tom's Cove

Tom's Cove Aquafarms
PO Box 355, Chincoteague Island, VA
Phone: 757-336-1945   Fax: 757-336-1371


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