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Spat Center

Our most frequent question is "Where can I get Spat?"


Here are several known spat providers as of 7/21/2022

Diploid or Triploid?
This VIMS document was created for commercial oyster growers, but the content is educational for oyster gardeners as well.

Spat Providers



Baywatch Oyster Seeds LLC (Triploids Only)

271 Bay Watch Lane, Reedville, Virginia. 22539

Keith Rodgers,, 804-453-4367,

Capt. Tom’s Oyster Floats
Wicomico Church, VA
Darryl Krolicki,, 804-580-5021


Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company LLC

PO Box 96, Wake, VA 23176

2019 Winter-over spat available (as of April 2020)


Lynton Land (Diploids Only)

125 Airstrip Lane, Ophelia, VA, 804-453-6605


Mike Lightfoot (Triploids Only)

1152 Wilton Rd, Hague, VA



Oystermama's Bay-bies (Diploids and Triploids)

Mathews, VA

Judy Ambrose and Justine Kendrick 

Call or text 804-725-8557


Ward Oyster Company

John Vigliotta

Aquaculture oysters

Seed oysters, large quantities (20,000 or greater) at wholesale prices

Tom's Cove

Tom's Cove Aquafarms
PO Box 355, Chincoteague Island, VA
Phone: 757-336-1945   Fax: 757-336-1371


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