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Float Building Workshops

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TOGA conducts Float Build Workshops several times a year in preparation for our float sales and are typically held in spring and early fall at Camp Kekoka, 1083 Boys Camp Rd, Kilmarnock, VA 22482. The floats and devices produced not only benefit oyster gardeners with up-to-date equipment, but also add to our annual contributions to the TOGA/VIMS Student Endowment and other TOGA causes like rebuilding the Madison Boyd Memorial Pier for our learning oyster garden and restoration reef.

The workshops are also opportunities for anyone to learn to build floats, get to know other oyster gardeners and learn new things about oysters and the Bay. And if you want to build your own float or cage, you get a discount. Most find this experience fun and rewarding.

The workshops will be announced in our newsletters, schedule and calendar. If you have questions about our upcoming workshops and float sales, contact us