The TOGA Annual Membership Meeting will be held January 22, 2022, 1:30 PM to 4 PM


Please join us for a fun and educational event. We have not yet decided on whether the meeting will be all virtual, like in 2021, or a hybrid of in-person (at VIMS, Gloucester Point) and virtual. VIMS has returned to in-person meetings and presentations but are requiring that masks be worn.

Either way you can expect the following:

  • The winning 2021 Youth Writing Contest papers, 

  • TOGA business meeting, including election of Board members for 2022 and voting on potential changes to the TOGA bylaws,

  • Summary of 2021 accomplishments and current projects,

  • Update on the TOGA/VIMS Student Scholarship Endowment,

  • Introduction and a brief talk by a current Endowment VIMS graduate student,

  • And the keynote talk described below.

If we have an in-person meeting, we will enjoy the traditional oyster stew cook off and the other pot luck dishes, so please bring your favorite stew or side dish.

The keynote speaker will feature Dr. Bill Walton, Acuff Professor of Marine Science and Coordinator of the Shellfish Aquaculture Program at VIMS. While the potential beneficial effects of shellfish aquaculture on water quality have been addressed, there is less recognition of other potential benefits of shellfish aquaculture to the public. Bill will discuss the potential creation of habitat, shoreline protection, cultural values and jobs in rural coastal communities. He will also discuss possible future directions for Virginia shellfish aquaculture.
By registering now and signing up for
in-person or virtual attendance, you will help us determine if there is adequate interest in an onsite in-person meeting. To register, please click on the red field below. Thank you!

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Thanks to Karen Hudson, VIMS Advisor, for managing the program, teaching and all that she does for TOGA.
Dr. Bill Walton.jpg
Keynote Speaker- Dr. Bill Walton, Acuff Professor of Marine Science and Coordinator of the Shellfish Aquaculture Program at VIMS.
Thanks to Celia Cackowski, Vims Marine Education Specialist, friend and mentor to TOGA.
Susan Maples,
VIMS Director of Development