Welcome to oyster gardening-

How to get started

The recently changed link for the "Oyster Gardening" Permit is https://mrc.virginia.gov/forms/2019/VGP3_Aquaculture_form_2019.pdf and the mailing address is 


Virginia Marine Resources 

Commission Habitat Management Division 

Building 96 

380 Fenwick Road 

Fort Monroe, VA 23651



  • Attend an educational event

  • Obtain helpful literature

  •  Join TOGA
  • Talk to a Master Oyster Gardener​​​

  • Evaluate your gardening location

  • Apply for a free permit

  • Purchase or build floats and other equipment

  • Purchase spat (oyster seed)

  • Put your spat in the water

  • Maintain your oysters and equipment

  • Oyster Gardening Posters

  • Enjoy!

  • Water depth should be 1 ft. or greater at low tide.

  • Need a dock or pole to attach line to cage.

  • Salinity should be 10 parts per thousand or greater. Click here.

  • Be aware of sanitation, restrictions etc. Click here.