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TOGA Partners with Hampton City Schoolds

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Hampton City Schools shared Governor's Environmental Excellence Award with team mates, May 3, 2023.

Video from Hampton from Hampton City Schools
Maritime Academy, April 2023.


On Saturday, September 4, 2021, teachers met Vic Spain in the parking lot of Sandy Bottom Nature Park to pick up replacement equipment (which included 7 mesh bags and 5 tidal tumblers) and 4,000 spat, courtesy of very generous donations by TOGA.  Teachers listened intently to Vic’s instructions and soaked up his tips garnered from years of experience.  Teachers also received habitat cubes with spat on shell from CBF.  By noon, all spat were safely settled in their new homes. ........


When we in Hampton City Schools counted our blessings this Thanksgiving, many of us included TOGA for its generosity that has made this valuable experience available to our teachers and students.


Read the whole article by Betsy McAllister, Hampton City School STEM Teacher Specialist

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