Oyster Gardening Resources



Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association



Capt. Jack's Seafood Co.

Oyster floats, oyster seed and accessories

PO Box 35 New Point, VA 23125

Jack White 703-820-8503

Capt. Tom’s Oyster Floats
Wicomico Church, VA
Darryl Krolicki,
darryl@oystergardening.com, 804-580-5021


Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Oyster donations and education

142 W. York St., Suite 318, 757-622-1964

Norfolk, VA 23510



Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company, LLC

Oyster equipment, bags, cages, floats, seed oysters

PO Box 96 Wake, VA 23176

Jon Quigley, jonq@bayoyster.com 804-338-6530 www.bayoyster.com



Wolf Trap Oyster Company




Warren Callis

Great Wicomico Oyster Co (diploid and triploid spat, cages and bags)

191 Bow Wood Drive

Heathsville, VA  22473


Monica 757-619-9631 or Matt 301-526-7503


Jett’s Hardware

18425 Northumberland Hwy. Reedville Va. 22539

(804) - 453- 5325 Cages and cage building supplies


Mike Lightfoot

Commercial grade cages and bags

1152 Wilton Rd, Hague, VA

Jacksoncreek1152@gmail.com, 703-919-2723


Ocean Products Research

Wire mesh, pig rings, ties, synthetic rope, bungee chord

PO Box A1A

Diggs, VA 23045

Terry Murphy 804-725-3406 http://www.opr-rope.com/


Oystermama's Bay-bies (Diploids and Triploids)

Mathews, VA

Judy Ambrose and Justine Kendrick 

Call or text 804-725-8557


Rappahannock Oyster Farm

Oyster floats and liners

PO Box 53 Wake, VA 23176

Charlie Ransone 804-776-9422


Reedville Oysters, LLC

Floats, Grow Out Bags, Accessories

861 Main Street, Reedville, VA 22539

Captain Tom Nutt, Tom Nutt III, Fred Nutt

1-800-788-3565 804-453-5070


Virginia Department of Health

Division of Shellfish Sanitation

PO Box 241 White Stone, VA 22578

Miller Smith 804-435-1095


Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Advisory Services

PO Box 1346, Gloucester Point, VA 23062

Karen Hudson (804) 684-7742 khudson@vims.edu


Virginia Marine Resources Commission

2600 Washington Ave - 3rd Floor Newport News, VA 23607

Jim Wesson, Chip Neikirk (Permits) 800-541-4646


Ward Oyster Company

John Vigliotta

Aquaculture oysters

Seed oysters, large quantities (20,000 or greater) at wholesale prices


Smiley Works

Hassle Free Oyster Farming


William Smiley


804 384 7266

On Eastern Shore-

Eddie Heath Crab Pots & Supply Co in Crisfield, MD - 410-968-1292

Wire for oyster cages

724 W Main St

Crisfield, MD 21817-1012

Filled shell bags for restoration or living shorelines

Marsha Haywood

Big Island Seafood

Maryus, VA