Float Sales and Building for 2020

There will be no group float events, including float workdays, until after June 9, unless State guidance changes.
However, you may order floats and we will arrange to get them to you in June using all appropriate precautions. So order soon, because we are building floats at home alone and it goes slower than usual. See float order form.  For questions, contact Vic (vicspain@rocketmail.com).

TOGA Oyster Float Sales Event-- Deltaville Maritime Museum “Holly Point Market Day” June 27, 2020


The Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association will be offering various TOGA-built oyster cages for sale at Deltaville Maritime Museum's Holly Point Market Day from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, June 27, located at 287 Jackson Creek Rd, Deltaville, VA 23043. Cage sale proceeds go to the TOGA/VIMS Student Endowment. This event is a great opportunity to get floats, cages, bags and accessories. Master Oyster Gardeners (MOGs) will be available to discuss with you how to get started and the latest techniques in oyster gardening and regulations.


The pictures and descriptions of these floats and cages are here. You may use the Order Form here or in the Spring 2020 Newsletter to order these pre-built floats and cages so the products can be available for you to pick up at this workshop. You may also order by email as explained on the order form.


Volunteers are welcome to attend our spring float workdays at Camp Kekoka (1083 Boys Camp Rd, Kilmarnock, VA 22482). The current schedule for float building floats is TBD because of the CO You may build your own float and get a $10 discount, and you can help build floats for TOGA to sell. Your work will contribute to TOGA/VIMS Student Fellowship Endowment. For questions, please contact Carl Zulick, czulick@verizon.net or Vic Spain, vicspain@rocketmail.com. –Carl Zulick