Float Sales and Building for 2020

TOGA Oyster Float Sales

Williams Wharf Landing

1039 Williams Wharf Road, Mathews VA 23109

Saturday, October 3, 2020, 9am – 12pm


The Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association (TOGA) will hold the Fall Oyster Float Sales Event at Williams Wharf Landing in Mathews County, VA. Located just south of the historic Mathews Court House on the East river, with its own history of oyster operations, historic boatyard and steamboat landings, this facility proved to be an excellent venue for our 2019 event in both attendance and sales.

NOTE, although this is an outside facility, we ask that all participants wear masks and socially distance out of respect for other attendees. In order to keep the crowd thin, we also ask that you come at the following times according to the first letter in your last name: A-G, 9-10AM; H-N, 10-11AM; O-Z 11AM-12PM. If this is an inconvenience, then come when you can.

Numerous types and sizes of oyster floats, accessories, and supplies will be available along with outside vendors to sell “spat” (young oysters). This event is one of TOGA’s primary fundraising activities with all proceeds benefiting TOGA 501 (C) 3 charity and the TOGA/VIMS Student Endowment.

Spat providers are invited to attend. A list of known spat providers with contact information is included below. You are encouraged to contact them individually to determine spat availability and when and where you can purchase them.

Please use the Registration Form located at the end of the Fall 2020 Newsletter or at the button (upper right) to place your order for floats. Please order as soon as possible. Remember that the floats are being built by a few Board members working at home without some of the power equipment we normally use. We may not be able to fill orders received after September 19 . You may submit this form to P O Box 2463 Gloucester VA  23061 or by email to vicspain@rocketmail.com or bandbingram@gmail.com.


We hope you can join us at Williams Wharf Landing in October.

Brian Ingram, MOG


Following are the items we will make available:

Qty     Cost Each      Description

_______  $110          Taylor Float with Top

_______  $95           Taylor Float, no Top

_______  $65           Flip Float

_______  $55           Bottom Cage

_______  $15           Top for Taylor Float

_______  $50           Tidal Tumbler

_______  $45           Bender 42 inch

_______  $50           Bender 50 inch

Note: These items may be viewed here.


Additionally we will attempt to make these items available if we have prior notice so we can purchase (if needed) and redistribute ahead of time.

ADPI Bags: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 inch, $7 each (limited supply, Oystermama's Bay-bies, see below, sells bags.)


Wire mesh: 4 ft. wide, $5 per foot; 3 ft. wide, $4 per foot.


Crab Pot line, 10c per foot. 

For spat, it is best to contact one or more of the following.


Baywatch Oyster Seeds LLC (Triploids Only)

PO Box 535, Reedville, VA

Keith Rodgers, baywatchoysterseeds@nnwifi.com, 804-453-4367

Onsite spat sales for oyster gardeners., 1/4 inch triploid spat available early June.


Capt. Tom’s Oyster Floats

Wicomico Church, VA

Darryl Krolicki,

darryl@oystergardening.com, 804-580-5021


Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company LLC

PO Box 96, Wake, VA 23176

2019 Winter-over spat available (as of April 2020)




Lynton Land (Diploids Only)

125 Airstrip Lane, Ophelia, VA

lsl@vabayblues.org, 804-453-6605


Mike Lightfoot (Triploids Only)

1152 Wilton Rd, Hague, VA

703-919-2723, jacksoncreek1152@gmail.com


Oystermama's Bay-bies (Diploids and Triploids)

Mathews, VA

Justine Kendrick and Judy Ambrose

oystermamasbaybies@yahoo.com, 804-725-8556


If you have questions, please contact Vic Spain, vicspain@rocketmail.com, or Brian Ingram, bandbingram@gmail.com.

Stay safe and happy oystering,

The TOGA Board