Float Building at Charles' House, May 28, 2015


Volunteers, if you would like to build floats for our upcoming sales, please join us. Great opportunity to learn to build floats and cages, and to contribute to VIMS grad students who may be the future of the Bay. Don't let the photo mislead you, the natives are friendly and ladies are more than welcome.


Float Building Workday -- producing the Taylor, Flip Float 

and Downunder cages for sale as Pre-Builts at the

June 6th TOGA Northern Neck Float Workshop. 

The proceeds from these floats goes to the

TOGA/VIMS Fellowship Endowment.


We will begin about 10:00 AM.

Please bring a lunch side dish,

“Costco” big hotdogs will be provided.





The address is:

Haurand Kennels

1118 Seatons Lane

West Point, VA 23181





{Go to http://www.haurandkennels.com/Hours-and-Location.html for a map and directions.}



           Have Fun,

                           Charles Yarbrough

                           (757) 814-3186